Tuesday, May 31, 2011

pregnant lady on another rant...

This past weekend, I turned from a happy preggo into a grumpy preggo. I had been looking forward to this weekend for several months. It was a weekend to be filled with pampering and relaxation... any girls dream... a manicure, pedicure, and a hair cut. I was in definite need of all of them! It is sometimes hard to find the time to pamper yourself - especially when you are running around after a 20 month old - and at this point, trying to paint my toe nails is next to impossible because of my belly. Last Valentine's Day, the hubby had purchased this preggo a spa package. I was so excited when I knew my girlfriend also received the same package, we decided it would be the perfect girls day to spend together.

Saturday arrived and we jumped into the car to head to our appointment. We chatted on the way there about what we were going to do with our hair and couldn't wait to have our nails painted now that it is sandal weather. We stepped into the salon with big smiles on our faces as the day had finally arrived when we would walk out the salon door all beautified. We were greeted with "Hello. How are you? You got my message? Are you ready for your pedicure?" Oh, back that up, what message? I never received a message from the salon and neither had my friend. The lady proceeded to tell us that she called us to inform us that we would not be able to have our hair done because her employee was unable to come in and she did not have any open spaces available with her other stylists. My heart sunk as I realized after waiting months and months to have a new do', I would be walking out with my lifeless hair that was in dire need of some help. After the initial shock wore off, we still had a manicure and pedicure to enjoy.

The manicure/pedicure was not exactly what I expected, and I have to say that two days later, my nails are chipping already! Grrr, how frustrating?! This preggo is so not happy. Do these people now how much this preggo wanted to walk out of the salon with a new do' and beautiful nails that would last more than a week? After such a disappointing day, the only thing that made this preggo happy was spending time with her girlfriend. Maybe next time around Meg, things will work out!
Asked the manicurist to take our picture, she wasn't sure how to use the camera.  Came out blurry , just added to our experience. I loved spending time with my girl though.
Choices, choices- so many colours to choose from. What is your favourite colour this spring?
My girl showing off her pedicure.
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