Wednesday, May 4, 2011

really you are going to go there?!?!

The happy whale I usually am.
So, there comes a time in your life when certain comments are made and you then have the decision to stand up for yourself or let it slip right off of your back. This is all too familiar when you are carrying around a big beach ball in front of you as you waddle around everywhere you go.

As I hit up the grocery store the other day, I almost lost it on an individual I had never even met. An older lady was behind me in line for the cash and asked me how far along I was. After I responded, she looked me up and down and said "Wow, really? - are you sure they have your due date right?" For the last several weeks, I have heard comments come my way like "are you sure you are only having one?"; "Wow, it is really true what they say about second pregnancies!"; and my favourite of all... "you just seem so big!"

I am usually the type of person who would brush those types of comments right out the door and not think twice because I know deep down inside they only have good intentions, but with all these hormones raging, this whale is about to blow. So, I am just throwing it out there - if you happen to see me and would like to make a comment, you might want to do it while running by me because this whale-of-a-girl gives you 10 seconds before she erupts.
The whale I am about to become!
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  1. Shanna - I just saw your pictures at 26 weeks and to be honest, I was thinking that you don't look big at all. You look wonderful! I can't believe the comments you are getting because I think you look fabulous!!!

    Enjoy every minute!:) Walk with your head high because you look amazing!