Wednesday, May 14, 2014

easter 2014

I know I have been MIA on here but it is for good reason. I will share it with all of you soon but for now I wanted to catch everyone up on a few things...

We had a wonderful Easter and I hope all of you did as well. It was a low key one for us this year but I loved every minute of it.

It was our first Easter as a family of five. Little Miss L. and Mr. D were super excited for the Easter bunny to arrive. They had been talking about it for days as they went around the house pointing out the perfect spot they thought the bunny might leave those yummy chocolate eggs. It was hard for the kiddos to fall asleep that evening in anticipation for the morning hunt.

The morning arrived and they jumped out of bed and hurried into our room. They giggled as they told us they had seen eggs in the hallway. We had told them they had to come get us and that we were going to go on the hunt together and if they went ahead of everyone else the bunny would quickly come and gather the goodies before they could get them. Well, it seemed to work as they came right to us, but as they eagerly waited for the go-ahead to start the hunt, it was quickly put on hold. They can blame their furry friend Toby as I got up to let pup out things got a little messy (I won't go into detail) but he needed a bath. I (being the selfish mom) didn't want to miss out on the hunt so I made the kiddos eat their breakfast and told them not to dare touch any goodies they may have seen.

The hubby and I have some pretty good kids or they really just wanted their goodies as they did not leave the kitchen table. I bathed the dog (yes, exactly what I wanted to be doing on Easter morning) and quickly changed.

It was time to finally start our hunt. It was short and sweet as speedy Little Miss L. whipped around the house filling her basket before her little brother barely had a chance.

After our hunt, it was time to get the house in order as we were hosting family. It was nice to be able to stay at home and not rush off somewhere shoving kids and belongings into the vehicle.

It was a great afternoon surrounded by family and filling our bellies with more than enough sweet stuff.

Here are a few moments we captured throughout the day...

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