Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1st birthday party

This past weekend was full of f's-friends, fun, and food. I love love love a good party, especially a children's birthday party! Who doesn't love balloons, games, party favours, scrumptious food, dancing, and who can forget the famous birthday cake. There is just something special about being surrounded by sugar-induced, bouncing and giggling children. Saturday, we put our party hats on in celebration of our dear friend Baby E's 1st birthday. It was a wonderful party with lots of good laughs - Little Miss L. could not stop talking about it. For the last four days, she keeps asking when Baby E is going to have another party? Happy Birthday Baby E - you are growing up so fast... here is to another fabulous year ahead.
Loved the Hello Kitty theme - cake and cookies were beyond yummy!

Love the milk for the kids - made we want to chug back a glass of the cold stuff.
Party time!
Little Miss L. was trying to sneak out of the party with these awesome balloons.
My two handsome men. Baby D was loving all the attention.
Loved the idea of the guests leaving their hand prints on canvas for Baby E to hang in her room. Great memento.
Time for cake!
Baby E thought it was quite delicious.
The party favours were a hit - the kids loved them.
Baby E's daddy is talented - he was able to make balloon animals for all the kiddies. Little Miss L. wanted to give it a try as well.
Friends for life. Little Miss L. loves her to the moon and back as she says.
Time to pin the bow on Hello Kitty.
Time for presents!
This time of our lives is special. I love getting together with all of our friends and watching our children grow up together. Memories in the making :)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

theme day - tea party

In the winter months, I face the challenge of finding activities to keep the little ones entertained for more than five minutes. For the last several weeks, I have taken a new approach to planning out our days - once a week, I ask Little Miss L. to pick out a book and we base our day around that particular book. Having a theme day has been a hit around our house and Little Miss L. looks forward to them each week.

This week, Little Miss L. picked the Fairy Tea Party by Jamie Michalak. Our morning started off with dressing-up like fairies and dancing around with our magic wands. Once we ran out of energy, it was time for us to hit up the kitchen to make our cookies for the afternoon tea party. Little Miss L. loves helping in the kitchen and I love eating all the goodies we make... it is a win-win situation.

In the afternoon, we took the opportunity during craft time to make invitations for our tea party. I am sure all the teddy bears and monkeys enjoyed their cards. Late afternoon arrived - it was time for our tea party, and I was definitely ready for a relaxing cup of tea. Little Miss L. loved hosting the tea party for her brother, myself, teddy bear and monkey. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with two of my favourite people.

Theme day is a great way to involve your children. They love thinking of new ways to express themselves, and I love transforming a regular day into something special. Do you have theme days in your home? If so, what are some activities you like to do? What are some of your favourite themes?
Little Miss L.'s pick of the week. Thanks again, Auntie Jenn!
Mr. Monkey joins the party.
What am I supposed to do with this thing?
Little Miss L. is a girl after my own heart. She loves taking pictures with her camera.
This is what happens when you have an older sister.
Mr. Monkey needs a hand.
I love how my daughter shoots back her tea like it is a shot. Oh boy, I might have to worry when she is older.
My cutie - I love love love this boy to the moon and back.
I had to share this picture because my son has amazing feet. They are like hands , they can grasp and pick up just about anything.
Check out my two teeth everyone!
I am also sitting folks - yes, I am a growing before your very eyes!
Their smiles are infectious.
My fairy princess had a wonderful day.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

theme park, castles and more!

Alright, I know I've committed photo overload the last few days, but I couldn't help but share our trip to beautiful Quebec City. This is how we spent our last day in such a wonderful place. The city reminded me so much of Europe. It reminded me of all the things I love so much - great food, beautiful landscape, friendly people, and castles!
Now this is a what I call "awesome." 
We loved watching all the children come whizzing by us. Little Miss L. was dying to take her turn but this momma had to explain her brother was still a little young. 
Mommy and Little Miss L. in front of Château Frontenac.
Showing some sisterly love.
Little Miss L. said she was going to build castle just like the one behind her. I told her it might take her a long time.
Before heading home we knew we needed to tire the kids out. We stopped at the Galeries de la Capitale. It was the perfect spot for Little Miss L. to get her energy out. In the center of the mall was an amusement park and a skating rink.
We thought Little Miss L. would be too scared to climb on the larger rides but she was over the moon excited to pick out a balloon and go for a ride. She kept telling me she loved the wind blowing through her hair. Personally, I felt a little ill, but Little Miss L. wanted to go on it again. I am glad this momma talked her out of it because my tummy couldn't handle it.
Little Miss L. was happy when she spotted a hockey game taking place. She has never seen a game in person and she thought it was really cool. There was a hockey tournament taking place and these players came from all over the globe.
Only seconds away from a mental breakdown because mommy and daddy said she could not go on the carousel again.
Proud parent moment! Yes, these are the moments will cherish forever.
I never get sick of looking at this smiling face.
Little Miss L. had a huge jungle gym to run around on but she choose to stick with the mini-slide.
Before the long drive home, we had to fill our bellies with this - not the best idea when you are trying to watch calories but so good!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

weekend catch-up

Our weekend was jam-packed but I loved every minute of it. Saturday, the kiddies spent the day with daddy, as mommy attended a workshop on nutrition and hazards in the home - I walked away with some great information. All you parents out there, please remember to check your equipment/toys because over time screws can come loose, and we all know how much toddlers like to fiddle with little things. Saturday night, we were joined for dinner by some good friends, it was nice to catch up and Little Miss L. loves spending time with her boyfriend.

Sunday arrived and I was super excited. Why, might you ask? Well, my girlfriend and I decided to take a photography class together. I love love love taking pictures. It was great to spend time with my girlfriend, but in the end, we were both disappointed in the course. The rest of the day was spent doing all of the fun stuff - cleaning, laundry, and cooking etc.

We were extra lucky yesterday because it was a long weekend. Monday was Family Day which meant daddy had the day off to spend with us. We decided to take in the last day of Winterlude and headed to Jacques-Cartier park. The weather was a little chilly but nice when the sun was out. Our day was spent with wonderful friends, ice sliding, dancing, and filling our bellies with tons of calories. The kids had a blast and I was happy spending a little more time with the hubby. I hope everyone else had a great Family Day with their loved ones.
My girl Sam working the camera.
Having a big discussion over tea with her boyfriend from Toronto.
The girls and their babies.
Little Miss L. was determined to go down the ice slide. You would think being a mother I would come to Winterlude prepared but this momma needs to purchase some snow-pants.
Instead, I sucked it up and went down the ice slide in my tights. Let's just say that I had some ice burn when it was all said and done.
Even this gentleman wanted to make sure my tush was okay.
It was time for a little zumba action. It was the perfect way to keep warm.
The girls just chillin' and catching up on life.
This is one BIG chair.
I want one of these for our backyard.
Little Miss L. enjoying her new favourite thing - poutine!
My two handsome guys all bundled up.
Winterlude wouldn't be complete without digging into a delicious beaver tail.
Little Miss L. making sure her boyfriend is enjoying a winter classic (beaver tail) in Ottawa. I need to start making beaver tails at home.
Baby D enjoying some cuddle time.
Just amazed with the talent it takes to create such a masterpiece.
Wonderful Family Day spent at Winterlude.
Time to get your race on!

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