Wednesday, May 25, 2011

crazy hair day...we finally have some!

I never thought the day would finally come when I could say my daughter was having a crazy hair day. Little Miss L. has been waiting 19 months for this special moment. During my pregnancy with Little Miss L. I had severe heartburn. Many people informed me that if I was suffering from heartburn then my child would be born with lots of hair. After hearing this over and over, I prepared myself for a child who would pop out and I would be able to put her hair in a ponytail right away. Boy, did I have surprise...Little Miss L. had very little hair! Month after month, I would wait for that moment I would walk into her room and lift her out of the crib to see a full head of hair had grown overnight, but that was never the case until a few weeks ago. All of sudden, Little Miss L.'s hair came to life and this is what we are dealing with now...
This is what happens when I have a crazy hair day - watch out!
Finally we have some hair at 19 months.
Little Miss L. 7 days old.
6 months old and still the same length. 
9 months old, starting to see a little more hair.
12 months old and still no change.
Finally starting to see a difference at 17 months and it doesn't look like it is stopping any time soon!
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