Thursday, November 28, 2013


A few months back, we decided to take Little Miss L. out of dance to give her a chance to experience gymnastics. Our little girl enjoyed attending dance class (ballet and tap) but she was always jumping and tumbling where ever she goes. So, what better place to do that (instead of in my living room) than at the gym.

Little Miss L. had no hesitation when entering the gym for the first time and she never looked back. I loved watching her evolve over the last few months. She never shied away from trying something new. She is easily distracted and often does not pay attention to instructions but still somehow manages to complete her tasks.

The other night, the parents had the chance to enter the gym with their children to watch a class up close and personal. Little Miss L. had a fantastic time showing us how she could walk on the beam, swing on the rings and complete the middle splits.

Here is a peek at what we witnessed during her class...

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

winter wonderland

We had our first snow day today! The kids loved waking up to a winter wonderland. We have been busy crafting, playing outside and sipping hot chocolate. Yes, life is good and I am not complaining one bit.

I had a chance the other day to snap some pics of the kiddos. It was no easy task but I think we got a few good ones. I can't wait to share them with all of you! Pin It

Thursday, November 21, 2013

2 months

Yesterday marked two months for our little guy. I can't believe how much you have grown in a month. You are wearing mostly 3 month clothing but it won't last much longer. You are full of chatter these days and your brother and sister love making you talk. Their favourite part of the day is singing to you and watching you smiling back at them. You have been battling a cold for most of the month, I am praying you get over it real soon as it has been hard for you to sleep and eat properly. You still have a massive appetite and you took a bottle for the first time this month without any problems. This makes momma happy as I can now get out of the house (by myself) and leave you to spend time with others. If you hadn't been stuck with this awful cold, I am sure you would be sleeping through the night 90% of the time. You have been giving me a full nights sleep off and on this past month and I love it! I love that you recognize mommy and daddy's voices and now hold onto our fingers when we hold you. I call you my little cuddle bug as we could cuddle together all day long. Tomorrow, we will head to the doctor's for your first needle, I am hoping this is harder on me than you. This weekend, we are heading to get our first family photos as a family of five done. Let's hope you and your siblings decide to co-operate just this once.

FYI- If you are wondering where I got this totally cute giraffe outfit, check out the awesome creations by Alycia at TuTu Chic Boutique

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

d turns 2

Alright, I know I have been slacking in the blogging department, but dealing with ear infections, eye infections and colds has been keeping this momma extremely busy. As you know, I consider my blog to be a digital diary for my children to look back on. So, I thought I better get caught up and share with you Baby D's 2nd birthday celebrations (it only happened in August... I know!)

We had a two part celebration. One afternoon we had a little pizza party at home with some of Baby D's buddies. Baby D is obsessed with cars, so it was only fitting to have a Cars-themed party. The kids had fun tattooing themselves, munching on pizza and sweets and helping Baby D open his goodies.

I can't believe how much Baby D has changed in appearance since August. He looks a lot more mature now after his haircut but I am missing those long luscious locks he once had.

Thanks again to all of D's buddies for attending and showering him with so much birthday love! Here is a look at part 1 of the celebration.
The sweets. More to come in later post about food and decor choices for D's parties.
Teddy race cars and stop lights.
Lunch time.
I think someone was loving their pizza?!?
These two crack me up - when they get together is it nothing but giggles.
Tattoo station.
Digging their tattoos and stickers.
Check it out!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

halloween recap

Ok, I have finally come out of my Halloween sugar-coma. This year, I was looking forward to the big night of trick-or-treating as both of the older kiddos understood what the celebration was all about and they both were old enough to walk on there own (woohoo, no more aching back at the end of the night.) The kids didn't really have a choice when it came to costumes this year - I know, bummer eh? Each year, Halloween arrives and it is always either cold, raining or snowing. One afternoon, while we were out running our family errands, I came across skeleton onesies. I thought this would work perfectly as I could layer underneath and the onesies would keep them warm. Little Miss L. wasn't too thrilled with the idea as she wanted to be a princess, so to win her over, I suggested she wore a princess costume to school and sported the skeleton in the evening (see I am not that mean.)

With costumes ready and candy purchased, it was time to get down to business. We started our night with a spooky inspired dinner. Who doesn't love blood juice and green worms? After dinner, we headed out to my sister- and brother-in-law's to join them for trick-or-treating. It ended up being the perfect night for all the kiddos as the rain stopped just in time and it was actually pretty warm out... of course, on the year I am actually prepared for crap weather! The kids filled their bags and I may have sampled a few chocolate bars for them. I loved hearing both of the kids excitedly yelling trick-or-treat and smiling as they walked away with a bag of goodies.

Well, that about sums up our Halloween. I hope all of you had a spooktacular time!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

happy birthday

I have to take a moment today, to send a birthday shout out to this amazing woman. I could not ask for a better mother and grandmother. She would do anything for her children and is always there when we need her. We can't thank her enough for all that she does.

She has three little kiddos who look up to her and can't wait to shower her with birthday kisses and hugs. We love you!

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