Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This past weekend was a busy one. It was time to start some projects around the house. We are still unpacking boxes, and finding new homes for our belongings, but it is starting to feel more like home. I am one tired momma. Here is a sneak peak at what went down around here... more to come soon.
This weekend, I decided to get my bake on. I decided to make some yummy blueberry banana  bread - I will post the recipe later this week.
The hubby started the transformation of our change table for the nursery.  My mother-in-law was able to find this change table in light oak, but we wanted something a little darker as the baby's crib is espresso. We decided to stain the table in a dark mahogany colour. The first coat is complete, hopefully we will have this project finished by next weekend. Pictures will follow with steps on how we stained this piece of furniture. 
We have been experiencing lots of rain in the last few weeks.  With all the rain, we noticed our underground downspout drain was not working. We were noticing the water backing up and it was not traveling far enough away from the house. I will let you in how the hubby fixed our problem in a later post.  
I had a few minutes to put my feet up, and when I did, I realized the wall  between our closet and bathroom in the master bedroom was in need of a little something. The wall was bare, lacking character and charm. I was able to find the perfect solution to solve our problem... our wall is bare no longer... pictures coming soon.

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