Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you all have a great time trick-or-treating tonight. Please remember to be careful out there and enjoy all your goodies.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

pumpkin patch

This past Saturday proved to be a cool and wet fall day. The hubby had been out of town for the past week and the kids were just beaming from ear-to-ear when they saw their daddy had arrived back home. The kids wouldn't let the poor man out of their sight. We decided it would be fun to head out to the pumpkin patch to grab a few of those big orange guys to carve later on this week. Even though the weather wasn't delightful, the kids still had a blast rummaging through the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect one. It was a great afternoon of hay rides, corn mazes, and hot apple cider. We left with a handful of pumpkins and of course Little Miss L. had a to pick up a candy apple to bring home for her treat. If you are living in the Ottawa or surrounding area, Millers Farm and Market is a great place to take the kids for an afternoon of fun.

Brace yourselves for some photo overload, but when I have these cuties by my side, it's hard not to go a little snap-happy!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

ghost prints

Halloween is just around the corner which means it is time for Halloween crafts! I had to pull this one out of the archives as it was such a fun craft to do with the kiddos and is one of my favourites! Click here to check out this awesome craft I discovered last year. Pin It

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

cupcake party

You asked for it, so you shall receive! Here's a peek into Little Miss L.'s cupcake-themed party. To be honest, I was a bit of a slacker when it came to hosting Little Miss L.'s special day. I had been under the weather which equaled little-to-no energy and very little desire to have a party, but as a parent, we put all of that on the back burner to make sure our little ones have the perfect birthday.

I had been thinking about a theme for Little Miss L.'s party for some time but in a matter of seconds the decision had been made for me. I asked Little Miss L. what she wanted for her party and she said "just pink and purple cupcakes with lots of candy" Well, as a somewhat health-conscious mom this wasn't exactly the answer I wanted to hear but who I am to disappoint?

I whipped out my apron and the baking began. Who doesn't love love love the perfect sweet table. All that sugary goodness is sure to make any three-year-old happy. We made sure to have the yummiest cupcakes (thanks again, auntie Jenn!) lots of cookies, gooey brownies and who could forget lots of candy to top it all off.

It is pretty safe to say that Little Miss L. was one happy girl when she laid her eyes on the candy land table. If I remember correctly, her little hands were quickly placed on her cheeks as she loudly said "Oh my gosh, it's beautiful mommy!" I saw her little face light up. As long as the birthday girl was pleased, this mommy's job was done.
For deco we went with bright colours. It was a must to have her two favourite colours pink and purple. Lots of paper lanterns were spread throughout the house.
We went with simple vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and made sure to have the mini ones for the kiddos.
We couldn't forget the candy necklesses. They remind me of my childhood birthdays.
Chocolate-covered marshmellows.
Sprinkles and coconut.
Cranberry shortbread cookies.
One of my favourites - brownies!
I used old salt and pepper shakers as lollipop holders. 
Filled up a Mason jar with brightly coloured licorice.
Marshmellow-filled ice cream cones.
The goodie table.
I wouldn't want you guys to think I only served the sweet stuff. I had a few other options on hand and guests seemed to enjoy their personal-sized nacho dip.
Single serving nacho dip.

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