Tuesday, May 17, 2011

it was a busy one!

This past weekend was go, go , go! We officially moved into our new home - can we finally get a round of applause?!?! The weekend was jam-packed; Saturday we loaded and unloaded the last of our belongings that were here and there. I must say that moving is a lot of hard work but it is totally worth it in the end. Saturday evening arrived and it was time for a little "mommy time". I was totally beat from moving all day but it was time for this momma to get all beautified. I threw on some make-up and a dress because it was indeed time for a much needed girls night out. We gathered to celebrate my dear friend's birthday, it was filled with good food, great friends, and an awesome birthday cake. I would love to share some pictures with all of you, but as soon as I arrived at the restaurant, I realized I had forgotten my camera at home. Don't you hate when that happens?!
Sunday, I forced myself to get out of bed bright and early because I realized that if anyone opened our cupboards, they would find them bare - I needed to hit up the grocery store right away. After a morning of shopping, it was off to meet the ladies for brunch. Our good friend from out of town was down for the weekend, and even though we had seen each other the night before, we all like to take the opportunity to spend as much time with her as we can...what better way to catch up then to fill our bellies while we are at it. After brunch, it was back to the house to unpack. It is such a thrilling time, we once again want to thank everyone who has helped us out...we really could have not done it with out you! I am one tired momma, but I know in a few weeks we will be settled in, and things won't be so hectic.
My hubby hard at work.
Sunday brunch with the ladies. Little Miss L. loves each spending time with my girls - I am lucky she is surrounded by so much love.
Momma S and baby E. Baby E is the spitting image of her momma.
Little Miss L. receiving some love from her aunties and loving every minute of it.
Finally, we are in our home, preparing our very first meal. Little Miss L. couldn't wait to dig into the food.
Our first dinner - I can not wait for more moments like these.
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