Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend catch-up part 1

Saying that we were busy this past weekend is an under statement. Friday started off a weekend full of laughter, babies, birthdays, engagements, and some much needed time with my Nan. Friday, I was joined by some of my fabulous girlfriends for an afternoon where we met baby B for the first time, had a few good laughs (much needed), ate, ate, and ate some more. Little Miss L. was smitten with baby B, and throughout the afternoon, planted some big ones on the wee little one. I love this time in my life where I witness my girlfriends starting their families. There is nothing better than holding a cuddly bundle of joy with that awesome baby smell. Congratulations to a beautiful couple - you guys sure know how to make a cute baby!

After a great day with the ladies, it was time for this momma to get dressed and head out on the town to ring in another year with a wonderful friend. We had a yummy dinner, and it felt great to have a night out with the hubby minus the kiddos (did I just say that... yep, sure did!) After a fun filled day, it was time for this momma to hit the sheets.
Sound asleep.
Look at those tiny lips.
He's pretty handsome and he knows it!
The boys getting to know each other. baby B. 
Mr. Serious.
Little Miss L. knows who to hit up for the good stuff - note the empty cupcake wrappers.
We tired him out.
Happy 30th Birthday Sara. The best years are yet to come :)
To be continued... Pin It

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