Tuesday, May 29, 2012

weekend catch-up

I always look forward to the weekend with good reason - it's usually busy but I love love love that feeling of trying to shove a million things into two days. If I only accomplish half of what I planned, I still end up feeling good as I check a few things off my to-do-list.

Saturday morning was spent at a workshop and daddy took the kiddos to enjoy the beautiful weather in the park. After my course was all finished up, we headed over to the in-laws to spend some time with our nephew. Grandpa set-up the sprinkler and a mini pool and the kids were over the moon excited about it. Little Miss L. and Mr. L had a blast running through the cold water and chasing each other around the yard. Baby D also loved the sprinkler and pool. He splashed about for a good hour on his own. It was a wonderful afternoon spent outdoors... days like these make me wish we had weather like this all year round.

Sunday again had an early start. Do you see a pattern here folks? I tend to always start of by saying it was early because I don't even remember sleeping in past 6:30 am anymore. It was time for me to clean the mess the tornados left behind and the hubby hit up the lawnmower. After we managed to get a few tasks done, we cleaned up and headed out to "festa" for the afternoon. Little Miss L. had a great time dancing with all the new friends she made.

I love love love watching these cuties play...
Baby D loves the swing.
Little Miss L. and Mr. L loved pushing Baby D on the swings.
Showing off their mad climbing skills.
Holding onto her big cousin.

Baby D loved the mini pool. It was the perfect size.

Get ready for it!
The fun begins...
Little Miss L. thought it was a little cold.
Enjoying the awesome spring weather.
Baby D had to get in on the action too.
My babies both love the water.
I love my handsome nephew.
Little Miss L. catching some rays.
I turn around for one minute..
Getting ready to dig into a yummy Portuguese feast.
Little Miss L. was having a great time at the festa.

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