Wednesday, May 30, 2012

we have butterflies!

We are happy to announce our caterpillars have now become beautiful butterflies. You may remember them from this post and this post. After weeks of waiting, our butterflies have broken free. It was fascinating to watch these amazing creatures transform into their chrysalis and then break free as a wonderfully coloured insect. It was awesome to finally see our little friends take flight. This was the perfect activity to do with the kids; I loved watching Little Miss L. experience each step along the way. To tell you the truth, I think I may have enjoyed it more than the kids. I was like a kid on Christmas morning... as soon as I woke, the first thing I would do was check on our little friends. I excitedly watched each day for changes and was a proud momma when they made their appearance as a butterfly. I believe this will be a yearly event in our household.
Transferring the chrysalis into its larger home.
Once the chrysalis hardens, it is not necessary for it to be hanging upside down.
One proud little girl. She checked on her friends several times a day just waiting for that moment when she would witness them break free.
The morning arrived when I woke to see the butterfly had made its appearance. I am sure it only happened moments before I checked on the little guy. As soon as Little Miss L. woke, I told her we had a surprise for her. 
I absolutely love love loved her reaction. She was so happy to see her caterpillar had turned into a butterfly. She screamed out "butterfly" and immediately told the butterfly it was so beautiful.
Our momma caterpillar drying its wings.
Time to let momma butterfly free. 
Momma butterfly takes flight and lands on a blade of grass close by. I was able to get this shot of the little one. 
Little Miss L. telling the butterfly that it is okay to fly away now and make new friends. 
It's now time to let the baby butterfly go. Baby D wanted to get in on the action too. He loved watching the butterfly fly around. We were sure to get a few giggles when it fluttered it's wings.
We opened the container but this little guy didn't want to leave. I had to laugh as the kids waited patiently for it to take flight. After a few moments...
Our friend finally made the decision to go and it sure surprised the kiddos. It only took a few seconds before Little Miss L. was getting out of the way. The little guy decided to fly right into Baby D, I guess he just wanted to say one last goodbye. Little Miss L. helped mommy draw the arrow for all of you to see our friend.

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