Wednesday, May 23, 2012

long weekend fun

Long weekends are spectacular - that one extra day seems to allow you to accomplish so much more in a weekend. I really think a four day work week should be mandatory. This past long weekend did not disappoint. Saturday, we spent the afternoon around a table full of food catching up with good friends. Sometimes it's nice to stay in the comfort of our home to entertain; everyone just seems to be more relaxed and carefree. Oh yes, let's not forget dining out with two children can be quite the handful at times. Thanks Meg and Marc for the visit, hope we can do it again soon. Can't wait for you to become a family of three, it just means more fun to be had. 

Sunday, we woke up bright and early and headed down to my parents' house to spend the day out on the river. I have been looking forward to this day for months. I know Little Miss L. has been looking forward to it since the beginning of the winter. The sun was finally out, and it was the perfect time to get on the boat and head out on the open water. I love love love days spent out on the river. There is just something about it that always leaves a big smile on my face. It was the perfect day to take out Baby D for his very first boat ride. I was a little nervous, I really hoped he would enjoy it or I might have been a little sour about the whole thing because I plan on spending lots of time on the boat this summer. 

The first boating trip of the season was a success. Little Miss L. was over the moon excited to hit the water again after several months asking to go out and momma replying "Sorry, not today as the water is frozen" I could finally say "Get your sunscreen and hat baby girl because today we are going boating!" Baby D took a liking to the boat as well. It wasn't long before he was smiling as the wind was blowing through his hair. It was a wonderful day spent with my parents who always spoil us with their delicious cooking to end the day. It didn't take long for everyone to hit their beds - the day spent outdoors tuckered everyone out. 

Monday morning was another early start. It was finally time for our family to plant the garden. We had a nice surprise visit from my in-laws who brought some goodies for us. Little Miss L. loves it when she sees her grandparents pull in the driveway as it usually means they have timbits in-hand. Grandpa also brought along two trees for Little Miss L. and Baby D to plant. They both loved planting their trees and Little Miss L. has promised to take good care of it. We also received a quick visit from my parents who also love to bring us goodies - thanks again for filling our freezer with fresh tomato sauce.... I love love love it!  

It was a wonderful weekend spent with friends, family and awesome weather. I hope to have more weekends like these in the months to come.

The perfect Saturday afternoon.
Little Miss L. showing some love to Baby C.
Little Miss L. can't wait for her God-mommy to welcome a new little friend for her to play with.
Grandpa and Baby D ready to hit the water.
First boat ride of the season.
Just relaxing while munching on my crackers. Not a care in the world.
I love weekends where this is the scenery for the day.
A quick stop for bubble gum ice cream.
Baby D couldn't miss out on the action too. Love how Little Miss L. is demonstrating to her brother how to lick the ice cream.
Okay, that's enough little brother.
Enjoying the sunshine.
All pooped out, time for a little nap.
They love being out on the water just as much as I do...makes me one happy momma.
Momma, I hate wearing this thing!
One little girl was brave enough to jump into the ice cold water.
Such a good helper. Ready to dig a hole for her new tree.
Grandpa and Little Miss L. planting her tree.
She has mad gardening skills already.
Baby D plants his tree too!

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