Friday, May 11, 2012

caterpillar update

First off, I want to take this time to congratulate our whole fam for keeping our two furry friends alive. I didn't know how long our little friends would last in a house with a two year old - the temptation for Little Miss L. to go over, take the lid off and play with her little friends have kept us on high alert, but I must say that Little Miss L. has kept her little hands off of her friends. She loves waking up in the morning as she takes a mad dash down the hall to see how her friends have changed overnight. It truly is incredible to see how fast they grow and change. Our "baby caterpillar" is no longer a baby and "momma caterpillar" has now started to form her chrysalis. We have progress!!
Our friends when they first arrived last week.
Momma caterpillar is now hanging upside down in the shape of a J. This is a sign she is ready to  begin her chrysalis.
One day after the transformation began you can now see the chrysalis forming.
Little Miss L. showing off the new home she picked up for her friends. Once the chrysalis has hardened, we will be able to transfer our friends over to their new home.

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