Friday, May 4, 2012

caterpillars have arrived!

Our caterpillars have arrived and Little Miss L. couldn't be more excited. For several weeks now, we have been learning about the lifecycle of the caterpillar. Little Miss L. still doesn't quite get the concept that they eventually turn into butterflies. What better way to solve our problem then getting a few of the furry guys to watch grow into a beautiful butterfly right in our own home. Little Miss L. has named her two caterpillars "mommy caterpillar" and "baby caterpillar." Each day we are able to watch our friends as they reach different milestones in their life, and it has been the perfect opportunity to spark Little Miss L.'s imagination.

We promise to keep you all updated on our caterpillars. Our friends came from Monsieur Papillon. If you would like to learn more about caterpillars or would like to pick up some of your very own check out
Little Miss L. checking to see if anything changed overnight.
Meet Mommy Caterpillar.
Little Miss L. shows me how big her caterpillars are going to get.

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