Wednesday, May 9, 2012

weekend catch-up part 2

Saturday morning, I jumped out of bed and started the mad dash towards the laundry room to get started on what seemed like a million loads of laundry. After getting everyone ready for the day, we were off to town to get a few errands done and quick stop at the in-laws for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing food for Baby D (this kid loves to eat.)

Saturday evening we headed off to celebrate the engagement of MJ and Paul - such a cute, loving couple. It was a wonderful evening with fabulous appetizers and desserts. I love love love when people pay attention to detail. This lovely couple have a great group of friends who know how to throw a beautiful party. The little details did not go unnoticed. I especially liked the homemade cookies with their initials and the homemade jam in the middle was delicious. Little Miss L. loved to be the social butterfly, and certainly enjoyed filling her belly. Baby D on the other hand wasn't in the partying mood. Mr.D has two little white daggers cutting through his gums, which makes for some unpleasant moments. I guess while running around after the wee ones, I forgot to get a pic of the happy couple - sorry guys!

Sunday, we headed down to my parents house. The kiddos spent the day with daddy, Uncle Brady, and Grandpa. They spent the day catching frogs and tadpoles which Little Miss L. thought was pretty cool. My mom and I headed to Kingston to visit my grandma in the hospital. Thank you to everyone for their kind gestures/get well wishes because Nan sure has needed it over the last month spent in the hospital. It has been a tough battle. It seems we move one step forward and then four steps back. Fingers crossed we can get her on the mend soon and back home with us shortly.
Posing for momma.
Little Miss L. thought we should all take her bus to the party, unfortunately I don't think we would fit.
Big sister is always there to show her little brother how to work things.
My boy!
Baby D's favourite thing - take momma's hair and try to put it in her mouth.
My snuggle bug. I love love love that my little bear loves to give me so many hugs throughout the day.
Drink table!
Typical scene - daddy and Little Miss L. at the food table.
What? I didn't have anything to eat.
Yum, the dessert table.
Grandma and Baby D.
Daddy and Little Miss L. checking out the Supermoon. It was one beautiful sight.

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