Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ringing in the new year

Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone rang in the new year with a bang because we sure did. Thank you to our wonderful friends for hosting an awesome party. We filled our bellies with delicious food, sipped on some yummy drinks, and even shook our booties a bit. Little Miss L. partied hard, she danced her little heart out into the wee hours of the morning. We definitely know she had a good time because she did not wake up until 9:30am the following day - I don't think she has ever woken up that late. So many amazing things happened in 2011 but we are looking forward to the coming year. Cheers to all of our friends and family, we love you all and thank you for always being there to support our family.
Family shot before heading to the party.
Girls just want to have fun.
I wasn't lying when I said there was a lot of delicious food.
My favourite table to hit up - the sweet table.
Time for the paparazzi. 
This picture melts my heart. Five men all with their daughters.
Tried to get a nice photo but this is how she plays these days.
There was a dance party going on!
Baby E was breaking it down.
Baby D almost missed the party but decided to wake just a little after midnight to ring in the new year.
My two handsome men.
Mommy's little boy.
Happy New Year everyone!
These silly monkeys woke up the next day with huge smiles... they are ready for 2012.
Good morning.
My parents, brother and grandmother joined  us New Year's day to celebrate. Baby D thought Nanny's scarf looked yummy.
Two beautiful women and our little man.
Digging into a scrumptious meal to ring in the new year.
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