Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i love our magnetic wall!

You may have remembered from last week, I wrote a post about our goal to transform the kids playroom. Over the last several months, I have debated whether or not I wanted to have a chalkboard wall. I loved the idea of our children being able to doodle on a large surface for all to see but the more I thought about it, the more I questioned whether it would be a good option for our family at this time. I wasn't willing to give up on our bare little wall, so it was back to the drawing board. Finally, it dawned on me - why not a magnetic wall instead!? This seemed to be a better option in my books - less mess to clean up, I didn't have to worry the kids might think every wall in the house was fair game to draw on, and if I decided to change my mind in the future, it was no problem to use the chalkboard paint over the magnetic paint (oh twice the fun!) We hit up our local Home Depot and bought a can of magnetic paint. We headed home and prepped our wall, slapped on three coats of the good stuff and voila, it was completed in one afternoon. The paint is fast drying and easy to work with. My mother-in-law had purchased two sets of Melissa and Doug magnetic wooden letters and one set of Melissa and Doug magnetic wooden numbers - they work wonderfully on the wall, and I love the bright colours. Little Miss L. has spent countless hours learning her alphabet and numbers on this child friendly wall.
Our bare wall - just asking for a splash of something.
The first coat of paint. We alternated each coat of paint - vertical, horizontal, vertical.
The finished product! 
Little Miss L. learning her alphabet.

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