Friday, January 20, 2012

friday night = pizza night

I love love love pizza! There are just so many possibilities when it comes to pizza - thin crust, thick crust, veggies, meat.. oh the list goes on. It seems in our household we have started a weekly tradition. Friday nights, our family has taken up family pizza night. We love pizza night, especially Little Miss L. because she gets to help out in the kitchen. It provides the perfect opportunity for the little one to get creative and create her very own pizza masterpiece. The end of the week, the fridge usually has a few leftover items we need to use up, and what better way to use them then on a homemade pizza.

Last Friday we were debating what to top our pizza with, when I remembered our trip to Venice, Italy. I remember entering a cute little pizzaria and sitting down to look through the menu. They had a billion - okay, more like fifty - different kinds of pizza to choose from. As I was scanning the menu, my eyes seemed to stop on a certain pizza... I had to look a few times... did I read this right... french fry pizza? Oh, my mouth started to water, two of my favourite things put together - I knew I had to try this pizza. Did I like it? Well, let's just say that I ate every last bite of it. Our debate last Friday night over toppings came to a quick close and I made the final decision - french fry pizza it was (of course, this momma made sure we had a healthy alternative as well.) Little Miss L. thought it was the coolest thing ever and it brought back some wonderful memories of our time spent in an amazing place.
Our scrumptious french fry pizza in Venice, Italy.
I was one happy girl.
Our attempt at the french fry pizza.
Little Miss L.'s expression was priceless - Do I pick the fries off or leave them on the pizza to eat it momma?
Yum, I love this pizza!
Here is the proof folks - we made sure we had lots of veggies too!
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  1. I'm sure little miss had a great time and enjoyed eating pizza very much. She is so cute and nice pictures too.

  2. Now that’s fast food for you! Your little girl loves your pizza with fries as toppings. That’s how amazing our all-time favorite snack is. You can top if off with almost anything you want! I’ve heard there are people who top it with hamburgers and chips too.

  3. There are definitely a lot of ways to do pizza, and as long as people don’t stop exploring all the possibilities. Anyway, I really like how that French Fry Pizza looks. And I think little Miss L. enjoyed the pizza too, from the looks of things. Haha! Thanks for sharing this with us, Shanna. All the best!

    Rosemarie Harrington @ The Willard