Friday, January 6, 2012

it's not just any old box

It's now a puppet theatre! This week we had a special craft project on the go. All week, we have been painting, gluing, getting every last detail just perfect for the big reveal last night. Our family recently bought a new furnace and water heater and with that came a happy dance - no not because we just spent a truck load of money on a new furnace but because we were left with huge awesome boxes. As soon as I saw this big brown box, my mind went into overdrive trying to decide what we might do with it. Well, in the end, it was no-brainer, I knew Little Miss L. would love her very own puppet theatre! As I thought back to my childhood, I fondly remember performing shows for friends and family. I also loved the fact that we didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars purchasing one (hey, we did just buy a furnace people!) I knew it would provide our family with hours of entertainment and it serves as a great tool to foster your child's imagination. There was no real theme, we just went with whatever we felt would look fun. I loved watching my daughter's artistic side go to work. In the end, I was super pleased with the result.

This is a great project to do with your children in the cold winter months. If you don't happen to have a large box hanging around, check out your local furniture stores - most are willing to give away boxes.
Look at this awesome box! What shall we do with it mom?
Let the painting begin.
It did get a little messy because someone thought it would be a good idea to paint herself.
My artist hard at work.
She made sure every last detail was perfectly done.
Materials used: paint, white glue, wrapping paper rolls, tissue paper, ribbon and card stock.
This part of the project we crumpled tissue paper and glued it. This is a great task for children to work on their hand/eye coordination.
The final product.
The audience is ready for the show.
The audience patiently waiting.
The show begins...
Little Miss L. was so excited that she could not sit, she had to be up close and personal.
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