Tuesday, January 17, 2012

weekend catch-up

Another busy weekend, and we loved every minute of it.... even though we were dealing with -30 degree weather! This girl can handle cold, but you won't catch me outside tobogganing down the hill in the kind of weather where my fingers and toes go numb in minutes - so we spent most of our time indoors this past weekend.

Saturday was spent cleaning and preparing food for our dinner party that evening. I would like to tell you all that I had a seven course meal prepared with filet mignon, steamed veggies, and a decadent dessert but I decided to be more realistic as a momma with two children who consume most of her day - it was all about the appetizers.  I love love love finger foods. We had a great night with a bunch of awesome people, who didn't mind spending their evening with two children who wanted lots of attention. Oh, how the times change when you become a parent. Both kiddies stayed up late to party with everyone which led to a nice Sunday morning sleep-in. Thanks again to all of you for the great laughs and spoiling our children as always.

Sunday morning, I woke up and again there was no way I was heading outside to roam around. Instead I thought it would be the perfect day to take the kids to our local museum of nature (@MuseumOfNature). Little Miss L. has recently taken a liking to dinosaurs, and I knew the museum would be the perfect place to introduce her to these creatures she talks so much about. Let me tell you she did not disappoint. We loved watching her expression as we walked through the door into a world full of Tyrannosaurus' and Triceratops. The museum was a great option, especially in the cold winter months. It is an excellent place for children to use their gross and fine motor skills, and work on their communication and problem solving skills. It is always a good idea to check with your local museums to see if they have a discounted day of the week or even a day with free admission. We may have spent the weekend indoors but it was one I enjoyed thoroughly.
I only have a handful of photos from our Saturday night gathering. I don't know how it got to this point, but two cameras with three memory cards were all full. I was able to grab a few shots on the ol' point and shoot.
Little Miss L. was beyond thrilled when her Auntie bought her nail polish and painted her fingers for the very first time.
She was extremely into the whole process and loved blowing her nails afterwards to make sure they were nice and dry.
Wow, I get to have my picture taken with the dinosaurs.
Momma and her girl. 
She could not believe how big their teeth and tongue were. She asked how they brushed their teeth before bed time.
Look, I am standing with a baby dinosaur.
I believe my daughter may become a marine biologist one day.
I am always amazed at what runs through a child's mind. If you were wondering what a two year old might say when they come upon the above, wonder no longer - as Little Miss L. pointed to this showcase, she informed us that we were looking at pasta and cupcakes.
Little Miss L. was disappointed in one respect - she was beyond annoyed that certain things were surround by glass she could not push open and let them out.
The museum had stations throughout that allowed children to be hands on. Little Miss L. was able to get a taste of driving a submarine. 
Little Miss L. spent countless minutes trying to get this wee little turtle to look at her.
Daddy and Little Miss L. checking out the sounds of the wetlands.
You may have wondered where Baby D was in all of this. He was there, but of course he was doing what he does best on family outings - sleeping.
Momma and Little Miss L. went fishing in their boat.
Look out, Little Miss L. has now become the controller of a massive ship.
I love love loved watching my daughter's reaction to all the creepy crawly bugs.
Mom - these bugs are gross, yuk! 
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