Thursday, January 5, 2012

looking for a new way to hang your artwork?

Over the last month, the hubby and I have been working on transforming the kids playroom. One of the first projects we wanted to tackle was finding a way to display our precious babies' artwork. I came across the idea of using a curtain rod over at Pinterest. The hubby and I made a trip to our local Ikea where we picked up the Dignitet curtain wire in stainless steel and a 24 pack of the Dignitet curtain rings with clips. I love love love this idea because it is not big and bulky, is easy to assemble, allows you to swap artwork in a snap, is perfect for hanging artwork that may be an awkward size, leaves your room looking uncluttered and organized, and best of all, I can now see my refrigerator again! We decided to mount it lower to the ground level so Little Miss L. is able to place her own artwork on display. She loves when her daddy arrives home from work and she can point out all the fun crafts she completed during the day. We can now rest a little easier knowing we don't have to throw Little Miss L.'s artwork in the closet because there is nowhere to display it for our friends and family to enjoy. Happy crafting everyone!
Craft corner before...
The Dignitet mounted on the wall.
The craft corner after... I love looking at all of the beautiful artwork my children create.
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