Thursday, January 26, 2012

time to get the sheets out and build a fort

Let's start off by saying that my fort-making skills are to be desired! When was the last time you remember gathering a bunch of sheets and building your very own oasis somewhere in your home? If I had to lay money on it, I would say I was about 10 years old. I use to love love love constructing my fortress and allowing my imagination to run wild - I would spend hours under those sheets.

The kiddies are still fighting off that awful cold and both did not have the desire to use up much of their energy. Yesterday, was an indoor kinda day and I was trying to figure out something to keep them busy for more than five minutes. It finally dawned on me, it was time to build a fort. Our living room was transformed into a fortress where Little Miss L. had a tea party, then turned it into a zoo, and then our fort ended up as a barn. I love love loved watching her imagination run free, and Baby D thought it was pretty cool too. Plus, this momma didn't mind having a few extra moments to herself.
Welcome, to our fortress.
Little Miss L. was mere minutes from tears streaming down her face because I lifted the sheet up to take a picture.
Baby D was having a good time too.
Time for a tea party.
I love watching my two babies playing together
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  1. Instead of making forts, I would just hide under this antique table at my grandmother's house with a lace tablecloth. I would pretend it was my little cave.

    cute blog.

  2. My oldest makes forts all the time and says she is "camping" or "hiding from the tickle monster"'s super cute to see them play and laugh! Great post!

  3. Lauren- childhood memories such as yours, are great ones to cherish! Linds- I guess I never thought about "camping" we will have to bring that idea up next time. I am sure it will be a hit :)