Wednesday, January 18, 2012

are you up for the twitter challenge?

In today's world, our lives are fast paced and can be very demanding at times - it is easy for us to dwell on the negative and complain about things like money, work, relationships, or our physical appearance. This year is all about challenges for me, and I have decided I want to have a more positive outlook on life. Like the theme of my blog, I will focus on love for the small things in life to overcome the tendency to be negative. To help me overcome this challenge, I think I have found the perfect tool... I recently joined the Twitter world - yes I am a late bloomer - and I am loving every minute of connecting with my community, friends, and other bloggers. I have challenged myself to tweet one positive thing about my day for the rest of the year and I invite you all to do the same in hopes of creating a viral, positive, trend. If you would like to track me in this challenge, follow @thesmallblog on Twitter. If you would like to join me, then tweet something, anything, positive about your day and include the hashtag #inlovewiththesmallthings I can't wait to hear all of your positive tweets!
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