Monday, January 9, 2012

weekend catch-up

I was looking forward to this past weekend - not because we had somewhere to be or people to see - but because we were going to have a relaxing weekend at home. We all needed the time to unwind. I loved getting up in the morning and knowing I did not have to be anywhere but cuddling with my little munchkins in bed. It proved to be a good weekend with lots of laughs, cuddles, time spent outdoors and one special moment that was close to my heart - witnessing my daughter take her first steps on a pair of skates.

Growing up, I spent much of my childhood in arenas... I love love love skating! Since purchasing our home, I have been counting down the months until we would be able to make our backyard pond into our very own skating rink. I could not wait to get Little Miss L. her first pair of skates. The time finally came this past weekend when we strapped on her skates and took her out to the backyard to test them out. I did not have any expectations going out there because in the back of my mind I had to keep reminding myself that my little girl is only two years old. As Little Miss L. stepped onto the ice, her face lit up in excitement. She was giggling as I glided her along the smooth ice surface. We did not see any tears, just pure joy on her face as she kept telling mommy she wanted to skate faster and do lots of spins. I have to say, I was one proud momma and I can't believe how well she did her first time out. I am looking forward to more winter days spent on the pond.
Little Miss L., Baby D and the hubby preparing the ice.
Little Miss L. tries her first pair of skates on.
First time out on the ice - this momma is beaming!
Little Miss L. had no fear and loved being out on the ice.
Mom - go faster, faster!
My little figure skater in the making.
Baby D is getting so strong. He is so proud of himself now that he can hold his head up high.
I love love love these little footsies.
Who are you looking at?
Someone has now discovered their feet.
They love their bubble time.
I thought it would be a nice idea to get a picture of the two of them... what was I thinking trying to get a 4 month old and 2 year old to cooperate?
My two beautiful babies.
Little Miss L. loves her little brother. She says he is her best friend.
Baby D is teething. Every moment he is looking for something to chew on - watch out sis, I am going for your arm.
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