Thursday, December 22, 2011

we tried solids!

We opened Baby D's mouth to a whole new world of texture and taste the other night. Baby D tried solids for the very first time and the consensus is - well... he isn't quite sure what to think about it. I love love love watching a baby try solids for the first time, their expressions are priceless. They genuinely have no idea what is going on and if they could speak, they would probably say something along the lines of "Mom and dad, what the heck did you just feed me? This isn't milk!" The fun has begun again, I am looking forward to having cereal all over my kitchen floors and walls.
Say what? You are going to give me what?
Humm, what is in my mouth?
I'm not sure if I want another spoonful of that.
Yeah, it definitely isn't the milk I have been used to.
Who are you looking at?
Big sister could not wait to get in on the action.
"Here you go buddy" says Little Miss L.
"Open your mouth like this!" She is such a great big sister, always willing to help her brother learn.
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