Friday, December 16, 2011

christmas fun

This week, Little Miss L. hosted a Christmas party for some of her friends. She absolutely loves spending time with them and there never seems to be a dull moment when they are all together. The morning was filled with Christmas fun, and by the afternoon, they were all fast asleep...
Baby J and Baby D hanging out.
Baby E looking cute as always.
Miss T. loved making her Christmas trees and snowmen with the play dough I made the day before. I will post the recipe for the play dough soon.
Time for lunch.
We thought it would be nice to get all of the kids together for a group photo. Wow, what were we thinking...
Not one of the kids wanted to cooperate...
Little Miss L. was telling Baby E to stop crying and smile for the camera...
This is how Baby D felt about the whole thing...
This ended up being the best photo of all of them.
Time to decorate our Christmas trees.
The kids loved this activity... I think more icing and candy went in their mouth than on the tree.
Our beautifully decorated tree.
Little Miss L. working hard.
Miss T. was so proud of the finished product.
Someone has a little something on her face.
I love love love this time of year!
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