Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 christmas photo shoot

Yesterday, I decided it was time to take our holiday photos to send to family and friends because, let's face it, we are now down to the wire. I setup a little photo shoot with the kids and they were happy to comply with me for all of two minutes. Trying to get both kids to look at the camera at the same time was next to impossible and I was only able to capture a handful of pictures that I think will work. Fingers crossed that in the next few days they might give in and allow for another shoot where they will both look at camera for mommy. Get ready for photo overload, I can't help it when it comes to these two cuties!
Testing out the cookies and milk to make sure they are ready for Santa.
Little Miss L.'s favourite book at the moment.
My little angel.
My handsome son, I can't believe he will be four months old soon.
Please look at mommy...
She would look any way but straight at me.
First it was in a pumpkin and now she is putting me inside a box!
She thought it was funny to put her hands in her mouth.
Finally, I have a smile!
The only one where he cooperated.
Seriously, you want me to smile right now?
Yippee, I got a smile.
Little Miss L. being the bossy big sister as always "Brother, look at the camera!"
They had quite the conversation going on.
My two little sweethearts.
Baby D.

Happy Holidays!
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