Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas part 1

Christmas is a magical time of year and I could not wait to spend it with my family this year. This Christmas brought many firsts for us-this would be the first as a family of four, the first Christmas in our own home, the first time we hung twinkling lights outside, the first time our children experienced riding in a sled, and the first Christmas that Little Miss L. understood on Christmas Eve she would leave out cookies for the big guy in red in hopes that he would leave her some goodies in return.

This Christmas did not disappoint. It was filled with family, friends, lots of food, and we ended up having a white Christmas after all. Christmas Eve day was spent in my old neck of the woods. We had a nice visit with my grandma, followed by gift opening at my parents, followed by a scrumptious meal where we were pleasantly surprised when Santa and his elf made a guest appearance. It made Little Miss L.'s Christmas, I have never seen her get more excited than she did the moment she saw Santa walking towards her. After our visit from Santa and elf we made a quick stop at a family friends Christmas gathering, it was a beautiful party and I wished we could have stayed a while longer but the kids were beat and they could not wait to get home to leave out their goodies for Santa.
Uncle Brady and the big guy.
I love love love those baby blues.
Little Miss L. realizes Santa is coming to visit her.
Her reaction was absolutely priceless. She had the biggest grin on her face as she waved  and yelled 'ho,ho' to Santa.
Santa and his elf brought goodies for the kids.
Baby D was not to sure how to react.
Little Miss L. was excited to receive a gift but she felt it was also necessary to give Santa one as well. She ran around the house looking for the first thing she could grab, she decided to give Santa a coaster.
Our family photo for 2011.
Mom, should I really let this guy hold me?!?!
Santa and elf with their babies.
I must say this is a pretty cute looking elf.
I have said it before but I will say it again, I have awesome parents! The hubby and I had no idea they would be surprising our family with a visit from the North Pole.
Bye Santa, thanks for the visit.
Little Miss L. could not wait to show off her new high-heels from Santa.
My two handsome men.
These three mean the world to me. I was so lucky to spend the holidays with these beautiful  people who make me smile every single day.
Little Miss L. was pumped when she received her new red wagon/sled.
Baby D opens his very first Christmas present.
Check in tomorrow to see how the rest of our holidays played out. We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend. Pin It

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