Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i love visitors

I love love love spending time with my girlfriends. It is hard to articulate the feeling I get when I am surrounded by women who inspire me, make me laugh - not just the ha ha ha kind of laugh - they make me laugh my a** off. They bring me back to reality when I need it and lend an ear when it is necessary- in one word, rejuvenating!

I look forward to the holiday season each year for many reasons, but one in particular always excites me... each year, my girlfriends take a moment and hit the pause button on life and gather to celebrate our friendships. We don't always meet in the same place, but we do always seem to laugh, eat, and drink alot! This past weekend was our annual gathering, and it sure did not disappoint. Our family also had the honour of having a few house guests. Little Miss L. and Baby D loved spending time with my girls. Little Miss L. has not stopped talking about her weekend and all of the fun things she was able to do when her "aunties" were over.
Happy Birthday Jenni. You are like a fine wine, you get better with age.
My beautiful ladies, oh how you make me smile.
I must say as much as I love being home with my babies, it is nice to get out and enjoy a glass of wine.
Group shot for 2011.
Breaky time with the ladies. Thanks daddy for making your delicious crepes.
Thanks God-mommy, I love my new blocks.
Time to build a tower with Auntie April.
Wow, look how high I can make it mom.
Silly time! I love love love moments like these.
Little Miss L. loves her new crayons for the bathtub.
I can't believe how fast Baby D is growing - he celebrated his 4 month birthday this past weekend. Baby D is full of giggles, can almost roll over on his own, has a super strong grip, has discovered his feet and tried cereal for the first the other day. Each day brings new adventures.
Baby D loves talking to his pal.
This was Little Miss L.'s reaction when I told her that our house guests went home and would not be staying at our house any longer.
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