Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The Ya Yas in July 2010. They are beautiful women inside and out, they give myself and my friends something to aspire to everyday.  My mother and one other member are missing from this photo.
Noun: The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
A kind act.

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us as we are running from store to store to find that perfect gift, attending work parties, and gathering with family and friends. With our calendars full we often forget that one small, thoughtful gesture can make a difference in someone's life. I feel like in today's age, witnessing an act of kindness is somewhat rare but still not forgotten. I would like to share a story with all of you, this one touched my heart.

Before I share my story I should give you a little background information - my mother has been suffering from a frozen shoulder, pinched nerves, and a few other health related issues for the last year. She has been in constant pain, pain that causes even simple everyday tasks to be unmanageable. This year has been stressful on my mother for several reasons but especially around this holiday season. At this time of year, my mother can usually be seen baking her little heart out, wrapping her baked goods to bring to family and friends, and turning her home into a winter wonderland - but this year, her illnesses have put a damper on things.

As I was sitting at home the other night, I received a phone call... as my mother started the conversation I could tell there was something different in the tone of her voice. She proceeded to tell me that she was sitting at home catching up on her day with my father when the doorbell rang and in popped her good friend. Her friend handed her a tin filled with baked goods. She proceeded to tell my mom that she knew how important it was to my mother to have homemade baked goods during the holiday season. The next thing my mother knew the doorbell rang again and in popped another good friend with more Christmas goodies. This pattern continued the rest of the evening until my mother's freezer was full. My mother may have had the worst luck with health in the last year but she is truly blessed to be surrounded by a group of women who care for her like they are her sisters. They took time out of their busy holiday schedules to bring a little joy to my mother when she was down and out, they brightened my mother's spirit, they provided her with goodies to continue with her Christmas traditions, but they also reminded me what true generosity is all about. My mother's close knit group of friends (The Ya Yas as they like to refer to themselves) never cease to amaze me and my mother is so fortunate to be surrounded by so much love.

I hope this story has pulled a little on your heart strings ( it sure did for me) and inspired all of you to get out there and perform acts of kindness because we all know it can make someone's holiday a little bit brighter. Pin It

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