Wednesday, August 31, 2011

breasts during and after pregnancy

Being a mom for the second time brings about several questions from friends and family. One topic that seems to pop up often is regarding breast changes before and after child birth. During both of my pregnancies, I have to say my breasts did not change all that much. Yes, they did get larger but I did not experience any stretch marks, itching, or soreness that seem to be common during pregnancy. Once in a while, I experienced swollen breasts but I was lucky because it would go away after a day or two. I do have to say that I did have some serious veins under the skin that were extremely noticeable.

My breasts after pregnancy are a different story. Both pregnancies brought about breasts that were swollen, lumpy, throbbing, and sometimes even a sharp burning sensation occurred. I am not going to sugar coat anything - as soon as my milk arrived, my breasts became extremely engorged, and my nipples became larger. It felt like my breasts had been filled with cement! Seeing as how my breasts felt like they weighed an extra 20 pounds, I started to experience back pain because they were weighing me down. I have decided to breastfeed again with this pregnancy and both times I have experienced sore nipples. I have now got into a routine and my breasts are feeling a bit better.

I love love love cabbage, as I use it all the time! If you are experiencing engorged breasts, hit up your local grocery store and purchase a head of cabbage. Throw it into the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes and then apply to your breasts. I also pump at least once a day or will express milk by hand when I am in the shower - it helps relieve the engorgement, and reduce lumps. As for my cracked and chapped nipples I apply my favourite nipple cream. You may remember me talking about it before in this post. I do have to say there is one upside to engorged breasts, for a little while at least, I have the look of implants without going under the knife. Pin It


  1. The physical changes women go through before and during pregnancy vary from person to person. First-time moms can use your account as a guide of what to expect during this special period. It is also wise to consult your gynecologist regarding other physical discomfort you might experience and how to remedy them.

  2. It's a pretty interesting period in life, no? The changes and effects in the breasts due to pregnancy don't end after giving birth. One should always aim to be healthy during that time to avoid complications.