Friday, August 26, 2011

guest post with jaime

Hey everyone. Today I have a guest post that I am super excited to share with all of you! As you all know, I love love love connecting with other moms - it is nice to have others to share our experiences. Today, I am joined by Jamie who I have known for many years. She is a great mother to two handsome little guys who are only 18 months apart. Jaime was kind enough to share with us her experience as a mother of two, some helpful tips to help prepare your little one for a new arrival and what you can do once you are home.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your two boys.
I am a mother of two boys Mr. J who will be 4 in August and Mr. L who is two years old. My boys are eighteen months apart and I wouldn’t change it for the world. They couldn’t be more different but yet so alike. J was born with blonde hair, blue eyes and was a long long labour with many difficulties (we were 15 minutes away from having a C section) while L has brown hair, brown eyes and is a little more easy going than his older brother - his labour was very short and out in two pushes! Even though they are so different, they play so well together and will stand up for each other.

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were going to have two children so close together?
All parents have a fear when it comes to bringing home that second child... I sure did with only eighteen months between them. J was potty training and we knew he loved babies, but weren't sure how he would react when we brought someone else home.

How did you try to prepare Little J for being a big brother?
We tried our best to get him ready by making up social stories and reading books about being a big brother. When the big day came, we had J take his time with L, letting him touch, hold, kiss him and wear the Big Brother t-shirt we made together.

Once home, how did you handle the situation?
The first couple days home were very easy as J would sit and read a book, or have snack while I was feeding L (I breast fed). I would ask J to help with diapers, and during bath time, I would have J in the bath and L beside the bath in his tub on the floor so they would bathe together - J loved this.

Did Mr. J ever get jealous or upset?
I do remember J asking a few months in as to when L was going back because he didn’t want him anymore. This only lasted a few days as I started spending more and more time with J (I think he was missing that and I felt bad). A fear of not spending enough time with older child hit me hard and I learned different ways to make sure he did not feel left out. I still spend quality time with each one alone, but it is a little different now for J. Also, they have learned to share mommys lap.

What are some of the reasons you like having your children so close in age?
The things I like about them being so close in age are: first, they can fit in the same clothes; second, they are able to share in the same experiences (movies, toys, games, and sport activities - less running around); third, if one doesn't want to cuddle, the other one does; and last, having children in diapers or potty training only lasts three years for me (both boys were trained at the age of two).

Any advice you would like to give our readers?
Remember that they are two different personalities and that comparing them just doesn’t fit. I am a mother that is learning, my two boys are learning as well, and they work together to get task done such as cleaning, playing or getting into trouble. These two boys seem to be growing fast, L more so then J because L is trying to keep up with his older brother, but I wouldn’t change it!
As moms, we do not know everything, but with having friends, family or support from random people we can make it through anything. Listening to other people's ideas and trying them, they may or may not work, but at least we are trying and our children are happy. I love being a mom to two very busy, outgoing little boys! Pin It

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