Wednesday, August 3, 2011

baby bunching

Several times over the last few months, I came across the term "baby bunching" and wondered what it was all about. With a bit of research, I learned that baby bunching is when you have children less than two years apart and realized the hubby and I fit into the baby bunching category.

Our baby bunching story goes like this... The hubby and I knew that we wanted to have children someday, but never really talked about "How soon? How many? In what country?" We just knew that someday we wanted to start a family and we both agreed that we wanted to do it when we were young. After living overseas for a year, it suddenly hit us, it was time to try for a baby. We knew that it would be difficult on many levels because we were living away from friends and family, I did not speak the language, and the hospital system was different than what we were used to. Even with all the difficulties we worried we might face, we still agreed that it would be a wonderful opportunity for our child to be born in a different country and be able to experience a rich and unique culture.

When Little Miss L. came into this world, we were overjoyed with emotion. Although people tell you that your life is going to change once you become a parent, there are really no words to describe what takes over your body and the emotions that come along with it until you physically experience it. She became the center of our world. Parenting is the most rewarding and gratifying job I could ever have, but that is not to say that it does not come along with a lot of challenges. When Little Miss L. was 6-8 months old I started to think "Wouldn't it be nice to add another member to our family?" I know the hubby was not too keen as he was traveling for work, and we were still living overseas at the time. As each day went by, I would have a different feeling... Maybe we are not ready to have another baby? How could I love another child as much as I do with our first? What will I do without any of our friends and family to help us out? So, after taking sometime to think about it, we opted to wait awhile.

After much consideration and an intense chain of events, the hubby and I relocated back home when Little Miss L. turned a year old. We just knew the time was right. We knew we wanted our children close in age. We knew that we were surrounded by friends and family that would be willing to help us out when we needed it. After a few months of "trying" and being hopeful, we found out that we would be expecting our second child. Yes, I did panic for a second and asked myself "What were we thinking having two children 22 months apart?" I know that even with all the challenges we will face, that it will totally be worth it.

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