Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend catch-up

This weekend was full of family time. I love love loved every minute of it. Little Miss L. is still adjusting to life as a big sister and baby D is changing each day. Baby D has mastered the skill of smiling and I am loving every minute of it. Here are a few things that happened this weekend...
There have been a lot of tears since her little brother has arrived. Still adjusting to sharing mommy and daddy's attention.
We all know who the big kid is!
Baby D's first trip to the park.
There is the happy little girl I am used to seeing.
Building a castle with daddy.
This is what happens when you let Little Miss L. eat yogourt by herself.
It's official, my little girl can say the alphabet off by heart.
Our little man love love loves to sleep...
even through diaper changes.
I love these little toes.
Someone has had a little bit of an attitude lately.
My little guy sleeping again.
My grandparents celebrating 60 years of marriage!
Good ol' family gathering.
That's right folks - when you have been married that long, you deserve a message from the Queen!

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