Thursday, November 25, 2010

cracked and sore?

The other day I was approached by a friend who is soon excepting her first child. We were discussing the fears and joys of becoming a first time parent. One of her major fears about becoming a mother to a newborn was breastfeeding, and all the side affects that come along with it. As most mothers-to-be, she is an avid reader and searches the Internet on a daily basis. Her main goal has been to stay up-to-date with the latest information regarding breastfeeding, safety and other baby-related topics. Many of us are aware that in the first few days of breastfeeding, many women experience sore nipples. Breastfeeding with sore or cracked nipples can be very painful, and I can vouch from experience. I truly wanted to breastfeed my daughter but after a few days of breastfeeding, I was in such pain that I thought I would have to give it up. I was desperate for relief and would do anything to get rid of the pain. Then a little purple tube of Lansinoh lanolin cream came into my life, and changed everything for me. I know there are many products out there but this by far worked the best for me. I found that it was easy to apply, hypoallergenic, and completely natural. My daughter never seemed to notice that I was even using it and I did not have to wipe it off before feeding. Without it, I would have not been able to breastfeed my daughter for as long as I did. So, for you mothers-to-be or the mommies who are out there suffering, please give it a try! 

You can find Lansinoh lanolin cream at your local pharmacy, Babies'R'Us or online here:
Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers 2 oz (56 g) Pin It

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  1. Shanna,
    This is also great for chapped lips and skin. I remember a post a few days ago where you were looking for a skin cream. Apply some of this to your hands before bed and it will give you skin new found moisture. I also use it when I get a cold sore and it heals within a day or two. This product is Amazing!!