Wednesday, June 8, 2011

preparing for pregnancy photos

It is true what they say - a picture is worth a thousand words. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life, and I believe moments like these deserve to be captured. Our bodies do some pretty amazing things during the journey through pregnancy.

With my first pregnancy, I knew right away I wanted to have pregnancy photos taken and I knew I wanted to go with the simple white or black backdrop. With pregnancy number two, it was no question that I wanted to do it all over again but this time around I am not sure what route I would like to take. Do I want to go back into a studio or do I want to try something outdoors? So many options, I know my time will be running out shortly so a decision will have to be made soon. I will let you in on the final verdict once I know! Until then, here are a list of things I found very helpful when planning my pregnancy photo shoot:

Preparing for your photo shoot:
  • It depends on your preference, but I believe the best time to capture your baby bump is between 7 and 9 months.
  •  Deciding whether I wanted to do semi-nude or nude photos - this was a tough decision as I am not always comfortable with my own body. Did I really want someone else taking pictures of me like that? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I loved the way my body looked pregnant and I wanted to be able to look back and remember that moment. The photographer made me feel at ease the whole time, and now that I look back, I am so glad I did.
  • Deciding on a location. Do you want your pictures to be taken in a studio? At your home? Outdoors? etc. This was a tough decision, and in the end, I was glad I went with the studio. But for the second time around, I might decide to change things up a bit.
  • Deciding on clothes can be tough, but choosing a few simple outfits is suggested.  I went with a simple black pant or gym style pant with a low-rise waist (try to avoid patterns).  You can never go wrong with a black or white top that shows off your arms and neckline. Have one or two fancy shirts, something that shows your personality.  A dress or a tunic are always great options.
  • Bring along a pair of black underwear (thong) if you are thinking about doing any semi-nude photos.
  • Pick out a few necklesses, bracelets, or earrings that you would like to accessorize with.
  • Bring along a small pair of baby shoes or a doll. Something the baby may use adds a nice touch to a photo.
  • Try to wear loose clothing an hour prior to the shoot, so you do not have any lines from your tight clothes.
I hope the above list was helpful. I strongly encourage anyone who is not sure whether or not they would like pregnancy photos done to just go out there and do it - I know you won't be disappointed. Here are a few photos from my first pregnancy shoot. 

Photos courtesy of Spoil photography.
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