Thursday, June 23, 2011

ladybug themed party

Does your little one love love love ladybugs? Are you planning a party sometime soon? Look no further - a ladybug theme for a birthday party is easy and fun to plan. For Little Miss L.'s first birthday, I thought long and hard about what was suitable as a theme for her big day. At the time, she was not really into cartoons or characters on television, but there was one thing I knew captured her attention... whenever my baby would see a ladybug, she would get so excited. One of my favourite nicknames for her is my "lil'bug" so it seemed to be the perfect fit.

Invitations were made with red and black card stock. Red for the main body with black spots scattered about. The information was written in silver pen and then sealed within a black envelope.

Little Miss L. rose to the occasion and wore a little ladybug dress (I received this adorable outfit at my baby shower). To finish off the look, she wore black shoes - she looked so cute!
For decorations, we stuck with red and black, of course. The tables were covered with red table cloths and we added black napkins. For the rest of the decor, we used red and black balloons and paper streamers, all found at our local party supply store.
Next I decided to take a swing at making my very first fondant cake EVER! I must say that it took some time (okay, a lot of time) but now that I know what I am doing, the second time around should be smooth sailing. I made multiple cakes: one main, large cake, a cake for Little Miss L. to smash and several mini ladybug cakes for the little kiddies that would be joining us at the party. The kids loved having their very own cake - I will definitely do individual cakes again... I think they would make great party favors.
The dessert table.
One of the mini cakes I made for each of the kids.
Little Miss L. wasn't to sure what to think of the cake but it didn't take her long to decide she really liked it.
Finger lickin' good!
To close things off, it was gift opening time. Daddy and mommy were sure to wrap all of Little Miss L.'s presents in red wrapping paper with black ribbon. To end the party on a high note, Little Miss L.'s god-mommy knew the perfect gift... it was just so fitting :)
God-mommy got Little Miss L. her very own ladybug to ride around on!
Little Miss L. ready for Carnaval in Portugal.

Our little bug, she loves them so much that she was one for Halloween.

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