Wednesday, June 15, 2011

father's day part 1

Father's day is just around the corner, which means it is time to get crafty! Yes, it would be easy to head to the store and pick out daddy a new shirt or buy him a power tool, but I love love love the gifts that are created with our own bare hands. It just seems more meaningful and hand-made gifts are the ones I cherish the most. I was trying to decide on a gift that would allow Little Miss L. to be hands on and would also capture her attention for more than 5 minutes and came up with what I felt was the perfect idea - hit up our local ceramic studio. I asked a few of my girlfriends if they would like to join us because, let's face it, I enjoy hanging out with people my own age once in a while and Little Miss L. enjoys having the company.

We headed to the studio already to make daddy a masterpiece. We had a short introduction on how the whole process worked and then it was up to us to pick out a piece of pottery to call our own. Little Miss L. decided on a mug- I thought it was the perfect choice!

The morning was filled with giggles and wet paint, the girls loved every minute of it. They were so proud of themselves and were super excited about making something to give to their fathers. After our creations were complete, we had to leave our mugs at the studio so they could be glazed and placed in the oven to finish the job. Check in tomorrow to see the final product plus a cool way to wrap your gifts for father's day.
The girls getting their mugs, let the fun begin!
Baby E and her momma working really hard.
Baby E loved her masterpiece- I think her dadda will too!
My artist hard at work. She was so proud of herself.
A true artist - she had paint all over the place but it was worth it.
Little Miss T. shows us how to dry our mugs.
All finished, now they need to hit the oven. Check in tomorrow to see the finished product.
After a busy morning at the ceramic studio, it was time to go for lunch. The little ones decided the restaurant was the best place to show us their singing and dancing skills.
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