Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it was a packed weekend

I am a few days behind on my posts, as many of you have noticed. No, I did not go into labour, but instead, I have been dealing with a little girl who has decided she no longer would like to nap during the day or sleep through the night. I think I have heard every excuse going as to why she is unable to go to bed. At the top of Little Miss L.'s list are - she needs water, needs to blow her nose, needs her diaper changed, needs pillows, and she wants to give everyone in the household a kiss for the hundredth time. The lack of sleep is starting to catch up and I have absolutely no energy for anything hence no blogging at the moment. I realized I needed to suck it up and probably start getting used to the idea of no sleep because I am sure in a few months the little bean is going to want to keep his momma up as well. So, here it goes folks, and be prepared because it's a long one...

Last weekend was a busy one. We packed up the family and headed down to my parents' house for the weekend. As many of you are aware, I really wanted to have another pregnancy photo shoot before the little man arrived. Our busy schedule and the photographer's just seemed to clash and there were no available spots until the end of July. I was a little worried to leave it that late, as you never know when the bean might decide to make his appearance. All that was laid to rest last Thursday as the photographer had canceled her out of town trip and was available to take some pics on Friday. As soon as I read the e-mail, I was in full panic mode... I was not mentally ready for this. I did not have any outfits picked out, I did not have time to get a manicure or pedicure, and the forecast was calling for thunderstorms all day; perfect, there goes my idea for some outdoor photos. The hubby could see the panic in my eyes, and told me there was no need to worry that things would all work out. Thursday night, I started the search through our closet for something that would work. Nothing was looking appealing, so I decided to call it quits and make a decision in the morning. Friday morning arrived and the rain was pouring down. I went to the closet and grabbed whatever I could and hoped for the best. As it turns out, the hubby was right, we made it to our appointment on time, were able to get a few shoots with Little Miss L. before she totally lost it, and the rain held off for a little while just enough for us to get some outdoor shoots. Even though we were unorganized, I have high hopes we will receive some memorable photos soon and of course I will share some with all of you!
Am I not the cutest thing ever?!?!
Saturday arrived and I knew it was going to be a tough one. The previous week, we had booked a check-up appointment for Toby. You might be wondering why I thought bringing a 5 pound dog for a check-up would be tough, but let me tell you, he can be deceiving. A normal 15 minute appointment turned into an hour long wrestling match. Toby need his booster shot, as well as a yearly blood sample. Four adults and a muzzle later, we were finally able to collect the sample needed and leave the appointment... it seriously felt like I had just left the gym because I was so exhausted. The rest of the day was spent running errands and snagging a few deals.
I don't know what they are talking about, I really don't have attitude... I just like to stand my ground.
Last but not least was Sunday. I had been looking forward to Sunday for some time, as it was our annual family bbq at my aunt and uncle's cottage. I love love love being on the water, and enjoying time outdoors. As we woke up on Sunday morning, mother nature blessed us with rain. Grrr, I was looking forward to throwing on Little Miss L.'s bathing suit and taking her in the water for the very first time since moving back to Canada. It rained on and off throughout the morning, but there was someone out there doing the rain dance for us because it finally decided to stop just before we arrived at the cottage. Even though it was too cold for us to get into our swimsuits and hit the water, we still had a great time surrounded by family. I love family get-togethers in the summer - there is nothing like it! I was able to snap a few photos at the cottage, I hope to be back again soon!
There were a few that decided they could brave the cold water, and rev up the jet ski.
Little Miss L. was in love with the trampoline.
Relaxing by the water, enjoying our summer months.
She's stylin' and she knows it.
This is the first time in several years that everyone was able to attend the bbq. It was definitely time for an updated family photo.
Little Miss L. loved spending time with her cousin.
The whole family once again - must say they are a pretty good lookin' group :)
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