Thursday, August 29, 2013


"It's busy around here" is an understatement. Our family has been going here and there non-stop for the last few months. With our little one due to join our family any time now, we are trying to find a few moments to sneak away from all the hustle and bustle to joy some family down time.

Sometimes it is hard for me to stand back and allow myself to leave the house when I know the floors could be vacuumed or the laundry could be done but the other night, we packed the kiddos into the car after dinner, headed to DQ to pick up some dessert and then headed to the airport to watch the planes come and go. The kids are into planes right now and absolutely love love love watching them in action. We didn't travel far or spend lots of money but our little getaway for an hour was just what we needed. I will forever cherish moments like these.
My little man is growing up. Eating his ice cream all by himself.
All smiles. She said it was awesome because there were brownie chunks in it.
Here comes the plane.
Baby D likes to call out if the planes are big or small. 
Momma and her girl.
We almost have it.
I can some day see this little guy being a pilot.
This is Little Miss L.'s face after we told her to stop playing in the dirt.

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