Monday, August 26, 2013

first day of school

Our little girl is growing up and has started a new chapter in her life. She is now a full-time student. I can't believe our little girl who was just learning to walk and talk a few years ago is now entering Kindergarten. Last Monday marked the first day our little girl attended school for a full day and took the school bus for the very first time.

Little Miss L. had mixed emotions but when it was time to board the bus, she giggled as she climbed up the stairs and didn't look back. As mommy held her tears in, I knew our little girl would be entering into a world where she will thrive. I may have been one of those crazy moms and demanded my husband to follow the bus to school but I wanted to know the route (ok, just wanted to make sure she didn't jump out the bus window on the way there.) Either way, I was happy when the hubby called to report she had made it to school and happily lined up to enter school with all of her peers.

As I went through the day, I wondered if she was happy, made it to the bathroom on time, was making friends, could open her lunch container by herself, and hoped she was not scared. I was excited when it was time to hurry out the door to meet the bus. Panic started to set in when the bus was 30 minutes late - did she not get on the right bus? Did she get off at the wrong stop? Did the bus forget to make it down our road? A few minutes later, we saw the big yellow bus turn the corner and I breathed a little sigh of relief. As the bus doors opened, I was greeted by a smiling little girl who jumped down the stairs and gave her brother the biggest hug and kiss I have ever seen as she told him how much she had missed him. Our little girl skipped up the driveway telling us about all the new friends she had met, the activities they had done and her experience riding the school bus.

We are off to a good start, let's hope it continues...
School time!
Her brother had just rolled out of bed, but there was no way he was going to miss his big sister getting on the bus for the first time.
Her biggest supporter.
Here comes the bus!

Never once looked back. 
She made it through her first day and ended it with lots of smiles.

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  1. What an exciting new chapter! L looks so cute going off to school and I'm glad she is enjoying it so far - she looks like one happy girl! x

  2. Not only a new exciting chapter for her but for us as parents. We love hearing all about her day when she gets home.