Saturday, August 17, 2013

and now you are two!

Dear Son,

It feels like just yesterday I sat down to write you a letter for your first birthday. Time has been passing by and I am still in shock my baby boy is celebrating his second birthday today.

As I sit here writing this letter, I click through photos we have taken of you over the past two years. You have changed so much but yet you are still very much the same. You continue to be the comedian of the house, always playing tricks on others. You are still compassionate and loving, always the first to give a hug or kisses to others. Your giggle is still infectious and can light up a room.

You have mastered several milestones over the past year and continue to thrive. I could sit here forever listing all the things that make us smile each and every day but it would be one LONG list. At two, you now:
-have all your teeth - we are just waiting for two more molars to complete your set;
-can now sing "Twinkle, Twinkle little star" all by yourself;
-can put your own shoes on;
-use a fork and knife to eat your meals;
-can brush your own teeth;
-like to pick out your own clothes;
-can climb the play structure all by yourself;
-will sit through the movie Toy Story because you love it;
-are obsessed with toy cars and will spend hours playing with them;
-know how to use your lungs;
-love to keep things organized and always lend a helping hand to clean up;
-and can count to 10 in two languages.

You are becoming such a big boy, and will have a new responsibility before too long. You are looking forward to meeting your little brother. Each day, you shower mommy's belly with hugs and kisses. You are always looking out for your brother by telling others to be quiet because he is trying to sleep. I know you guys will be great friends and I look forward to watching you grow together.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my handsome son. I love you more and more each day which I didn't think could be possible, but it is.

Lots of love,

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