Tuesday, November 15, 2011

weekend catch-up

Can we say ROAD TRIP! This past weekend, we packed our bags and headed to Toronto to visit our good friends. Little Miss L. was especially excited because she was going to visit her Prince Charming. We were dreading the long drive and really didn't know what to expect but luck was on our side as both children co-operated and we made it there with out killing each other. It was so nice to spend some quality time with our good friends, I really wish we lived closer. The weather was beautiful - we enjoyed some fun at the park, walked the streets of Toronto, stopped for some yummy Greek food, and ended our trip with a coffee on the patio... yes, we are still spending time outside in the middle of November! The trip wouldn't be complete without a stop over at my parents...
This is the facial expression I received when I told Baby D we were going on a long car ride.
Baby D getting all cleaned up for the trip.
All cleaned up and ready to hit the road.
Prince Charming.
Little Miss L. and Baby D had a blast on the wooden rocking horse.
Prince Charming woke up and decided to get dressed all on his own. He wanted to impress the Little Miss by wearing a tie. Note: his pants are on backwards.
I turn my back for one minute and they are kissing in the park.
They were having a swinging good time.
These men look good with their babies.
Greek food - bring it on says Little Miss L.
Such a beautiful couple. Thank you again for having us. We are so excited that your family is expanding, can't wait to meet the little one.
Seriously, these two were inseparable the whole time.
A chance to stop at my parents can't be missed when we always wake up to grandpa's famous breakfast - it sure was good!
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