Thursday, November 24, 2011

snow time fun

For weeks now, Little Miss L. has eagerly jumped out of bed and ran to the window in hopes of finding snow-covered ground. Each time, she would turn back from the window with a disappointed face, as she realized the grass was still green. I am sure there have been several dreams of the white fluffy stuff in the past month. Yesterday, as luck would have it, her wish was finally granted. As I was laying in my bed, I heard a little shriek, then several giggles, followed by "mommy, daddy there's snow!" Our little girl came running out of her bedroom and full speed down the hall to our big bay window in the dining room - there she stood for several minutes with a huge smile on her face as she pointed out all of things the snow had covered.

It was finally time to pull out the winter gear, and head outside to enjoy our first taste of winter. I am always looking for fun activities to do outdoors, and snow brings the perfect opportunity to get out our squeeze and spray bottles - all you need is a little bit of food colouring, water and let the snow painting begin. This is a great way to let your child's imagination and creativity run wild. This activity can be a little messy, so it is a good idea to have clothes you don't mind getting dirty. Little Miss L. had a blast doodling in the snow and spraying the trees and bushes. She informed us that she was putting make-up on the trees and bushes. Our family is super excited the snow has finally arrived, and can't wait to spend more days outside playing in the white stuff.
Little Miss L.'s first attempt at making a snowball. 
Here we go...
Roll it...
Now it is time to throw it at daddy!
Baby D and daddy. Baby D wasn't too impressed with being outside.
Baby D's first snow angel.
This cold weather makes me sneeze!
Time to let the artist go to work.
I asked Little Miss L. if she liked the snow and she said it made her smile. I thought this was the perfect symbol of how she felt.
The spray bottles are out, watch out snow here I come!
The trees look beautiful now that they have their make-up on.
This is the "Momma, I am cold now" face.
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