Tuesday, November 8, 2011

something white for something right

On November 5, 2011 I had the honour of attending Something White for Something Right benefiting The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This was the third year Marry Me Productions and several sponsors hosted the beautiful and very touching affair. For many of you reading this post, breast cancer has touched the lives of your mother, sister, friend or friend of a friend. Events like these are especially important for many reasons. It allows us to raise money for further research and hopefully one day finding a cure, it reminds us to take a minute and preform self breast exams, and it also reminds us how important love and support are to fight this disease. It also gives us ladies a chance to wear our wedding dresses again, and let's be honest, who doesn't want to do that?!?!
It was time for me to get out of my mommy clothes and clean myself up!
And the preparations begin...
When do you have a chance to wear your wedding dress at the same time as your friend?
We had to have a little fun...
My absolutely stunning friend Megan.
Our mini photo shoot before the benefit.
I wouldn't have wanted to share such a special evening with anyone but you.
Silent auction - great prizes!
The ladies had the chance to get their make-up done.
Local radio deejay shows his support by wearing a gown. I must say white looks good on him!
Everyone looked absolutely beautiful.
It was interesting to see all of the different styles of wedding dresses.  It truly showed everyone's unique personality, yet  everyone had one common goal.
Mrs. Meggy reads the menu for the night.
The food was mouth-watering, especially the dessert.
I definitely got my hands into the candy bar.
Such a wonderful event, something I will support for years to come.
It was amazing to watch the sea of white dresses sway on the dance floor. 
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