Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yet again, Little Miss L. and I have been hit with a cold which started Thursday and continues on. It was a diasppointing start to our weekend, but Saturday afternoon arrived and we needed to shake it off and head to a family wedding. It was small, intimate wedding held at an 1860's Inn built with fieldstone - I love love love venues like this! The Inn was decorated beautifully with off-white liens and touches of berries everywhere you turned. It was great to spend time with our family and by the end of the evening, Little Miss L. and I could not wait to hit the sheets. Sunday was spent in lazy mode, as our nephew came to join us for the day. Little Miss L. was dying to spend time with her cousin, as he had just returned from a family vacation. I had some fun with grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry ( I bet you are all jealous now). This week, I am hoping this cold will leave because I am not in the mood to deal with another two week cold... geesh we just got over the last one!
The bride and groom had several flower girls - they were too cute.
They said "I do!"
Little Miss L. singing Fado
Cousin Gloria - so beautiful.
My little girl and I - she wasn't in the mood for photos.
Off-white liens made everything look crisp and clean.
Loved the sweeping circular staircase that was adorned with berries.
Loved the centerpieces. Sprinkling peppercorns on the table added a nice touch.
Yum- this was some good blueberry cheesecake.
Our little cousin baby A - I love those cheeks!
The girls are all smiles.
In training...
That's right kids, clean that floor!
Our little nephew - so peaceful. 
Little Miss L. is having a party with all her friends.
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