Monday, March 7, 2011

birthday weekend

This past Friday, I celebrated my birthday. Some people love it when their birthdays come around - they just want to scream it from the roof tops - but this gal here is not a huge fan. I think it all went down hill after turning 25 years old and since then, birthdays just don't seem the same. I guess over the years there are so many milestones you look forward to - your sweet sixteen, getting your driver's licence, being able to vote, becoming legal drinking age, and turning a quarter of a century old - after all of that, the rest just seems to fall by the wayside. With all of that being said, my hubby, friends, and family still managed to make my day special.

On Friday night, the hubby, myself, and Little Miss L. headed out to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  To my surprise, we were also joined by my wonderful parents. Little Miss L. decided that she wasn't cool with sitting in her seat; she wanted to be social and mingle with everyone in the restaurant. Even with all the commotion, we had a delicious dinner with great company. After dinner, I was surprised again as a few family members joined me for some birthday cake (ice cream cake, I might add -my fav!) All and all, it was an awesome day spent with people I love plus the great birthdays wishes and wonderful gifts seemed to help. I would love to share some photos of my birthday dinner, but I guess with old age comes forgetfulness... I thought I had put my battery back in the camera after charging, but as soon as I went to snap a shot at dinner, I realized there was no battery to be found!
Saturday and Sunday were spent house-bound as the weather was again not very inviting. I like low key weekends - especially spending them with two little munchkins that I absolutely love. Little Miss L. was joined by her cousin for a sleepover, I love watching the two of them interact with each other. Right now, Little Miss L. is her cousin's shadow; whatever he does, she is right behind him to imitate. Here's a little look at how the rest of our weekend went down.
Munchkin number 1- love Little Miss L.'s butterfly dress.
Munchkin number 2- my nephew has the cutest darn smile.
Just one of the several messes that occurred over the weekend.
Little Miss L. giving some attitude- her favourite words are "no" and "mine".
Too cute - look at how Little Miss L. looks so innocent.
Turn your back for one minute and look what happens...
Even with several messes -I still have a little helper when I need one.
They are siamese twins.
Synchronized snacking. 
And the teasing starts.
Well, if you want to tease, then I will steal your food. Now how to do you like those apples!?!
Even though we had many smiles, a few outbursts might have occurred too.
Our fluffy white ball of love was in need of a grooming BIG TIME. Our little guy can look cute and cuddly but when it comes to dropping him off that groomers- it is not going to happen. For a little guy, he has a big attitude and we have been asked several times to come and get him before the whole process was finished. The hubby and I have to try our best at home.
Sometimes Toby`s grooming can go long overdue - as you can see!
Here`s our guy after a nice bath and haircut - does he look handsome or what!?!
He looks like a different dog- so much smaller after all the hair is gone. Seriously, there was enough hair afterwards to make an another dog!
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