Wednesday, May 8, 2013

pole dancing, babies and more!

This past weekend was a busy one! Saturday morning started off with our weekly ritual of heading with Little Miss L. to dance class. This momma skipped out this week to get ready to spend the day with some awesome ladies as we were celebrating the upcoming marriage of one beautiful couple. I can't wait for their wedding at the end of this month!!!

The day started out with a pre-cocktail munchies send off, then headed to pole dancing. I opted out of this event but I sure did enjoy chuckling to myself as I watched the ladies whip around those poles. I must say there were a few that looked like they may have done this before... I won't name names. After pole dancing, it was time for a quick change into our night attire and then off to dinner. We headed to Fat Tuesday's in the market - the market was full of life as it was the first really nice weekend when everyone was able to enjoy the outdoors. I had never been to Fat Tuesday's, but the food was scrumptious and the ambiance was just how I like it. We ended our dinner as we watched two very talented men duel it out on the pianos as they played some of our favourite songs. After our bellies were stuffed, we headed out for a little fun at the club. Everyone danced, chatted and maybe drank a little too much (excluding me) but all and all, it was a great night of celebration with some beautiful girls.
Time to get the champagne flowing!
The poles didn`t know what was going to hit them.
The beautiful bride-to-be.
I love these girls!
Now the party has arrived.
After only a few hours of sleep it was time to get our Sunday going. I whipped out the hairspray, lipstick and blush and started preparing Little Miss L. for her picture day at dance school. Little Miss L.'s dance recital is only a couple weeks away and she will be preforming Crocodile Rock. This is the very first time I had allowed or put makeup on my little girl. I couldn't believe how grown up she looked and I had the moment of "please, don't grow up!" After pictures were over, we were off to celebrate the baptism of one very special little man. It was a beautiful day and I can not emphasize enough how well this little guy behaved the whole day!!!

It was one busy weekend but it was great to spend so much time with all of the awesome people who surrounded us!
Getting our snuggles with Baby F.
Dinner time.
My little girl looks so grown up.
Our attempt at a family shot. Someday, we will get a good one.
My little princess.
My handsome little man.
My sister-in-law is expecting another wee one about a month and half before me. It will be nice to have our children grow up together.

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