Tuesday, May 28, 2013

24 weeks

How far along?: 24 weeks
How big is baby?: Your baby has caught up with an ear of corn in size and gained about 1/4 pound since last week (Length: almost a foot.)
Weight gain?: I am up 12 pounds.
Stretch marks?: I started noticing some on my under belly. I hope they were from the previous pregnancy and will go away as before.
Maternity clothes?: Touchy subject these days. Let's just say that I need to go shopping!!!
Food cravings?: I am all about the tzatziki and cucumbers.
Sleep?: I am happy to report that I have been having some solid nights of sleep. Maybe I am just to darn exhausted to do anything but give in to sleep.
Gender?: Adding to the male population.
Exercise?: Slacking. Walks are about the extent of my exercise.
What's been going on? We have been one busy family these days and it looks like there will be no slowing down anytime soon. I feel like baby boy and momma have grown a ton in the last week. My belly seems huge and baby boy is swinging a good punch these days. Baby boy, your big brother and sister are talking to you all the time. They love to sing you lullabies before bedtime. I also want to thank you for allowing me a few days here and there without being sick. Here is to another busy week ahead, hopefully you can keep up, little one.

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